Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fairwell To a Faithful Friend

10 years ago I purchased the Pathfinder from Carmax in Greenville probably for the wrong reasons. Now after several runs down Horse Pasture Rd, camping in the woods, running through streams, carloads to Jump-Off, trips to Ft. Collins, Co; trips to Wyoming, Iowa, Maryland, Daytona, Orlando, Panama City; Several trips between Knoxville, and Atlanta, Rock Hill, and Aynor. The site of our First kiss while parked at the Y Beach in Clemson. I don't think I ever imagined that I would be getting rid of it because it wouldn't fit another car seat. But on March 16th that's exactly what happened. Sold to a Law Enforcement Officer as a gift for his son on his birthday. He was the first person to call when it went on Craigslist, the first person to come and look at it, and I was actually able to get more out of it than what I thought I would get. It was a faithful part of the family, rarely caused us any problems, and cost hardly any money other than fuel and oil changes. It's the end of an era for us, now we start the long put-off minivan era. We won't miss the Pathfinder, but we do appreciate the part that it plaid in serving our family over the past several years. We pray that the next vehicle will serve us this well.
1995 Pathfinder SE
180,000 miles
4x4, CD Player, 10 disc changer, sunroof, pwr door locks & windows, 31" tires, premium Nissan wheels. Well maintained and in Excellent Condition!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving Day...We are soooo thankful for so many things!

We arrived at Nana and Papa's Wednesday night but the kids didn't get much time to play together because Papa was sharing at a special thanksgiving service at their church. So on thanksgiving morning we awoke to many excited kiddos. Madeline loved waking up with Anna and coming to my mom's tea room (as she calls it) to snuggle and watch us get breakfast ready. Thanksgiving day at my mom and dad's is always a family fun event for all. From the moment we wake up until the end of the day we are working together to make it a special occasion for us all.

This year was the same as always...just with a little more kids and one sick mama to be (Amy). We loved being there. It was our families first time in four years that we had not been together on thanksgiving. Oh, how good it was to be together and get that time. We were all thankful.

Madeline's snuggle time with Anna and Joseph jumping in for the picture.

Everyone ready for Uncle Matt to read our family thanksgiving book, "Thanksgiving A Time to Remember" by Barbara Rainey. It is so good and what a way to celebrate and teach our children of God's provision. I loved hearing Matt lead us all.

Popie and MaMa came over for a visit to play with the kids.

Amy collapsed on the couch with MaMa and Anna.

Matt spent most of the morning playing with the boys. He had a blast wrestling and playing with trucks.

Family that is still growing! =)

Nana and Papa with their 6 grand kids!

Amy(12 weeks) and Me (21 weeks) pregnant!

Nana and Papa got the girls new pink dresses to wear at dinner...They LOVED them! They played all day in them. Anna even ripped the back of hers!

It was precious to watch the girls run in the fields around Mama and Daddy's and MaMa and Popie's houses. Matt and I stopped many times just taking in the moment watching them play. They even played baseball in them with the family. It was great!

My Daddy...thanks for serving us all while we were there! I am thankful for you!

Nana right before we served ourselves for dinner. Thanks Nana for all your hard work and the love that was behind it all! We love you!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Pumpkin Patch and Carving

A couple of weeks ago the kids and I planned a trip to a pumpkin patch with another family. The kids had a blast and enjoyed trying to pick up almost every pumpkin they saw. Later that afternoon this family came back over to our house for chili and cornbread and some carving time. It was fun for all of us. Dave, Julie, Madeline and David Paul, we really had fun with you guys!

Thankfully, the dad's carved the pumkins!

Madeline feeling the slimmy pumpkin! She and Samuel loved it!

Pretending to eat it!

Madeline loved their happy tennessee pumpkin!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Aunt Amy and Uncle Ryan's House

A couple of weekends ago we went to Atlanta for a quick trip to see my sister and celebrate Sukkot or"Feast of Tabernacles" and Ryan's Birthday! It was a lot of fun to be at their home playing with the kids and enjoying time talking. Our kids had a blast! And they loved time with all their cousins. It was once again a joy to watch them together!

Samuel wanted Joseph to play with him as much as possible!
Aunt Amy and Uncle Ryan's house is known to Samuel as Joe-Joe's house!
We got to meet Little Mae...their new puppy!
She is so adorable and a perfect dog for their family.

Samuel playing one of the many apple games Aunt Amy had planned for us!
He kinda broke the rules on this hands, Samuel!

Anna trying to bit the apple on the string.

Sweet shot of Esther trying to get the apple.

The big kids building Sukka's out of graham crackers, peanut butter and parsley. They loved it! And they ate the whole thing!

Our precious kiddos after celebrating Uncle Ryan's Birthday Party.

Matt, Ryan and the kids!

Thanks Amy and Ryan for such a fun weekend!
We wish we could see you more often. We love you all!

Learning about Sukkot!

Since we were going to celebrate Sukkot with my sister's family I thought it would be a neat time to begin teaching our kids specifically about this Feast and it's significance to us. We had so much fun talking about what scripture said about Sukkot and creating our own miny Sukka. I really enjoyed thinking on and rejoicing in that "God dwells with us"!

For more of a description of Sukkot/Feast of Tabernacles or Booths ...
Sukkot is a week long festival which calls for the Jewish people to build booths to remember the time that they lived in booths (Heb- sukkot) during the forty years in the wilderness (Lev 23:42-43). This holiday occurs at the end of the harvest. Therefore, Sukkot is also to be a time to give God thanks for the produce of the year (Deut 16:15). Some consider this to be the "Jewish Thanksgiving." This feast is a reminder of the reality of God's provision and presence during the forty years in the wilderness as well as in the present day. Due to these themes, Sukkot is commanded to be a time of great rejoicing (Deut 16:14). John 1:14 says, "And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us…" The Greek word for "dwell" literally means "to fix one's booth." In Messiah, God literally came to fix His sukkah (or booth) among us. The entire 7th chapter of the book of John occurs during Sukkot. The prophet Zechariah also reveals that Sukkot will be a special time of worship during Yeshua's Messianic reign on earth for both Jews and Gentiles (Zech 14:16).

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Great Song To Teach Your Kids!?!

Celebrating Matt's Birthday!

The weekend of Matt's birthday, the whole Reeves family came down for a visit. We had a good time being together. It was Ansley's first trip to Knoxville. She did great and the we all LOVED having her here. Matt and Troy got to go mountain biking (Matt's fun hobby)together on Saturday morning which was filled with fun memories for both of them. Later on that day we had a birthday celebration at the house.
Matt you are very dear to me. I always enjoy celebrating you and the plan God has for your life. I love you, babe!

The whole family after church

Matt and Madeline opening gifts.

Matt's requested Chocolate Ice Cream Cake! Yum Yum!

Happy Birthday Matt!